Created audio files with Audacity

For week 5 in Hypermedia Tools I had to create an audio file with Audacity and save it as an .mp3 file.  Certainly a first for me.  I was surprised at how clear I sound.  I decided to record me reading one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible; Psalm 23.

Now, I am working on adding background music to my audio.  I found free audio files from and I downloaded Rain Inside House to add to my pre-recorded voice.  The file wasn’t long enough so I copied and pasted it to make it longer and then cut off the excess.  I think it worked well.

Well, that just sounds like static.  This time I added the track Distant Thunder and Light Rain.  I think it sounds better.

I followed the instructions provided by Dr. Pfaffman and installed the plugin Simply Simply Podcasting.

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