Markdown Inspires Future Learning

The Markdown language exercise intrigued me because I have been wanting to learn html.  Before ISD 581 I was unfamiliar with the term markdown language.  I knew html was the source code used for  coding web pages, but I not realize it was could also be used within markdown.

I have been fortunate to have experience building two websites from the beginning in the past.  Neither website had programs that required I learn html.  So, obviously they were very basic websites.   In my current position with Career Services I am responsible for keeping our website updated. The university gives me access to our web pages through OU Campus.  I was provided training by Web Services to add and edit pages, and insert media, but I have encountered several instances when I needed to understand basic html code.

Recently, I had to add a video to our front page and it required I go into the html.  Html is not as easy to understand or read like markdown, but becoming more familiar with the codes will make editing much easier and faster.  Learning html will also give me another skill to feature in IDD.

Therefore, as I do with so many things, I found a couple of videos that will help to achieve my goal of learning html.  There are many many different videos out there, but these did a great job of breaking down the basics elements of html.

I also discovered a free tutorial website called Codecademy.  To date, I have not completed any of their tasks, but I plan to take some time this summer to work through the tutorials.

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